Flexible PCB

  • Up to 4 layers

  • RoHS conform

  • Sculptured FPCB

  • Impedance control

  • Connector assembly

  • Dome & membrane key pad assembly

Flexible Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capability

Board Type Single-Sided Double-Sided 3 Layers / 4 Layers
Max Size 230x440mm 230x440mm TBD
Base Film Material PET-3mil, PI-0.5mil/1mil/2mil PI-0.5mil/1mil/2mil PI-0.5mil/1mil/2mil
Cu Thickness 0.3oz/0.5oz/1oz 0.3oz/0.5oz/1oz 0.3oz/0.5oz/1oz
Coverlay PET-1mil, PI-0.5mil/1mil/2mil PI-0.5mil/1mil/2mil PI-0.5mil/1mil/2mil
Solder mask LPI LPI LPI
Min Line width 4mil (partial 3mil) 4mil (partial 3mil) 5mil (partial 4mil)
Min Line Interval 4mil (partial 3mil) 4mil (partial 3mil) 5mil (partial 4mil)
Min Hole Diameter 8mil(Finished) 8mil(Finished) 10mil(Finished)
Min Pad Size 20mil 20mil TBD
Min SMD Pitch 20mil 20mil 20mil
Surface treatment Plated/Immersion Tin, Electro/Electroless(immersion)gold plating,ENTEK (OSP)
Stiffener Type PET, PI, FR4
Adhesive 3M 467-MP, 3M 9460

*The above specification is subject to be changed from time to time without further notice.

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