Metal Core PCB

  • 2L with PTH via is applicable

  • Two core options: Aluminum or Copper

  • Thermal conductive adhesive insulation between core and circuit

  • Ideal for higher power LED (up to 4W) application

  • RoHS conform

Metal Core Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capability


Single sided/Single sided double layers/Double sided double layers


0.9mm(35mil) to 2.3mm(90mil)

Core Material


Copper Foil Thickness

0.5oz (17.5um), 1oz (35um), 2oz (70um), 3oz (105um)

Solder Mask Type

Liquid Photo Imaginable, Silkscreen printing

Surface Treatment

HAL(Pb/Pb free), Immersion tin/silver/gold, Hard gold plating, ENTEK(OSP)

Min. Trace/Space


Min. PTH Holes

0.2mm(8mil) finished

Gold Thickness

Immersion gold up to 10u"(0.25um), Gold fingers up to 30u"(0.75um)

Outline Finish

CNC, V-cut(continuous/discontinuous), Punch

Other Processes

Carbon ink, Peelable solder mask, Caped holes (solder mask or epoxy)

Electrical Test

Fly probe, Needle fixture


*The above specification is subject to be changed from time to time without further notice.

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