Befact PoE Modules

We are very proud to be the exclusive overseas sales representative of Befact PoE modules from 2009.

Power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3af, is constructed by Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), Injector and Powered Device (PD), Splitter. PD extracts power from PSE via conventional Cat. 5 cable and energizes remote device. The most different with traditional power system is that power and Ethernet data are delivered by a single Cat.5 cable between local device, Ethernet switch, and remote device, wireless access point, IP camera, Network Attached Storage (NAS), ...etc. PoE offers less maintenance fee than traditional method because of no AC outlet and power adaptor on remote side. 

Based on yearly experiences of worldwide market, we are more than happy to give our customer a total service of these modules. 

  • Power over Ethernet - PoE

  • Embedded PoE/PoE+ Modules

  • IEEE802.3AF/IEEE802.3AT Compliant

  • High efficiency

  • Short circuit/over current/thermal cut off protection

PoE modules are including

Size (LxWxD) 60x15x19.7(max)mm 75x22x15.5(max)mm 92x24x25.1(max)mm
Output Voltage 3.3Vdc/5Vdc/12Vdc 3.3Vdc/5Vdc/12Vdc -
Output Current 3.63A/2.4A/1A 4.84A/3.8A/1.7A/2.125A 450mA/650mA  port
Output Power 12W 16W/19W/21W/25.5W -
Input Voltage 48Vdc 48Vdc 44Vdc to 55Vdc 39Vdc to 60Vdc
Operating Temp -15oC to 55oC, @ Full load

*The above specification is subject to be changed from time to time without further notice.

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