Rigid PCB

  • Up to 12 layers

  • Thickness from 0.3mm to 3.2mm

  • RoHS conform

  • Impedance control

  • Blind/bury hole

  • Beveled edge

Rigid Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capability


Single sided to 12 layers


0.3mm(12mil) (2L) to 3.5mm(138mil)

Raw Material

FR4 (TG140-180)

Copper Foil Thickness

0.3oz (12um), 0.5oz (17.5um), 1oz (35um), 2oz (70um), 3oz (105um)

Solder Mask Type

Liquid Photo Imaginable, Silkscreen printing

Surface Treatment

HAL(Pb/Pb free), Immersion tin/silver/gold, Hard gold plating, ENTEK(OSP)

Min. Trace/Space


Min. PTH Holes

0.2mm(8mil) finished

Gold Thickness

Immersion gold up to 10u"(0.25um), Gold fingers up to 30u"(0.75um)

Outline Finish

CNC, V-cut(continuous/discontinuous), Punch

Other Processes

Carbon ink, Peelable solder mask, Caped holes (solder mask or epoxy)

Electrical Test

Fly probe, Needle fixture


*The above specification is subject to be changed from time to time without further notice.

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